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What type of listing is right for my company?

Companies who wish to include their financing information have 2 options – free and premium listings. Premium listings require an annual fee and include additional features. Free listings will only show the basic information of each company.

How can I pay for my premium listing?

Premium listings can be purchased at www.vadar.ca with a valid major credit card. To register and claim your account you must sign up with an email address from your company’s domain URL. For example: yourname@yourcompanyname.com. Your request will be reviewed and once approved, you will receive a confirmation email to begin using your premium listing.

Where will my premium listing be displayed?

All premium listings are displayed in chronological order and are given preference over free listings. All listings appear in the VADAR web application available to potential investors anywhere around the world.

Are my company details kept confidential over the Internet?

Yes, VADAR.ca maintains all company data and information with privacy and all financing details submitted to VADAR.ca are held in strict confidence. VADAR does not share, distribute or sell collected information of public companies or investors.

Is there a contract for my premium listing?

Premium listings require annual contracts that ensure your company is given exposure during and after a financing has closed. Companies are able to offer multiple financings throughout the term of the contract at no additional charge.

I’ve received funding. How do I terminate my premium listing?

Even after funding is secured, it is important to maintain a certain level of credibility and exposure for your company. Premium listings can be removed from the public view or reverted to free listings. To change your premium listing to a free version, simply email us at info@vadar.ca. Annual contracts for premium listings do not need to be cancelled and listing fees are non-refundable.

I’m not interested in a premium listing. Is there a way for me use The Venture Radar for free?

Yes, free listings are available to all TSX and TSX.V public listed mining companies. If your companies financing is not listed, please email the news release and details to info@vadar.ca. Our team will do it’s best to post within 48 hours.

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