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What is the Venture Radar web application?

The Venture Radar is a centralized source for equity financings of publicly listed mining companies on the TSX and TSX.V. The web application is your resource to current, timely financing information that provides critical data to investment opportunities anywhere you are.

Is there a cost to use the application?

VADAR.ca is free to access.

Do I have to sign a contract to use the application?

VADAR does not require contracts or commitments to use the application.

Can I use the application while overseas?

VADAR is accessible through any web browser on any computer, smart phone, laptop or tablet PC that has an active Internet connection

Will your application work on my smart phone?

Yes, VADAR.ca is compatible and will work on the majority of smart phones with a web browser and internet connection.

Does your app include all public companies on the TSX and TSX.V?

No, VADAR.ca currently only updates financing information for mining companies. Our team works effortlessly to try to update every deal that is announced to the public.

Do I have to download the app?

The VADAR.ca app is not a downloadable application and is accessible through a web browser. Visit our app page for more information.

Where do you get your information and how accurate are your sources?

VADAR.ca gathers its information through public, credible sources. We often provide links to these sources for the benefit of the company and investors. VADAR.ca takes pride in being a transparent source offering financial information that aims at benefiting both public mining companies and investors.

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