July 2013 Newsletter


Financings Update

During the month of June we witnessed some significant trends developing as the US large cap stocks continue to climb to new heights and the TSX Venture market treads below 1,000. Overall the market for the mining industry continues to show opportunities for the contrarian investor who believes that the world will continue to consume metals and minerals.  On April 15, gold plunged $130 in value; it’s biggest loss in the past 30 years! Gold is continuing to decline and has broken through $1,300/oz but only time will tell if the world economies are recovering.

The Venture Radar provides information about TSX and TSX Venture mining companies who are opening, updating and successfully closing financings.

In June, 2013 the Venture Radar posted over 118 deals, 45 of which successfully raised a combined approximate value of $310 million. This is a significant increase in the amount of capital raised from the previous month. Currently, there are approximately 70 deals open with a combined value of over $100 million.


Top 10 Closed Financings in June 2013

Polaris Minerals Corp. $17.3m June 25, 2013
Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. $3.5m June 21, 2013
Prophecy Platinum Corp. $5.9m June 20, 2013
North American Nickel Inc. $7.05m June 19, 2013
Energy Fuels Inc. $6.6m June 13, 2013
Colossus Minerals Inc. $28.75m June 12, 2013
Trevali Mining Corp. $10.9m June 12, 2013
Detour Gold Corp. $176.1m June 11, 2013
Sabina Gold & Silver Corp. $20.6m June 11, 2013
EastCoal Inc. $7.7m June 07, 2013

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