Q1 2013 Newsletter


Financings Update

The last few months of 2013 are proving to be historical times for the Canadian resource sector. With over 1,650 mining companies competing for investors attention, equity financings and projects at all levels are available at near bottom prices.

The Venture Radar provides information about TSX and TSX Venture mining companies who are opening, updating and successfully closing financings.

In April, 2013 the Venture Radar posted over 70 deals of which 20 successfully raised a combined approximate value of $95 million, proving there is capital available for good projects with upside potential. There are approximately 50 deals currently open valued at over $146 million.


Top 10 Closed Financings in Q1 2013

Platinum Group Metals $180m Jan 04, 2013
Guyana Goldfields $100m Feb 22, 2013
MBAC Fertilizer $51.7m Apr 16, 2013
Santacruz Silver Mining $35.2m Feb 19, 2013
NGEx Resources $34.0m Jan 30, 2013
Labrador Iron Mines $30.0m Feb 13, 2013
Dunav Resources $16.8m Mar 06, 2013
Panoro Minerals $15.0m Mar 14, 2013
Canada Lithium $15.0m Mar 25, 2013
Alexco Resources $7.0m Apr 23, 2013

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