September 2013 Newsletter


Financings Update

As the summer is winding down we are seeing an increase in the announcement and closing of financings. Both the TSX and Venture exchange are trending upwards as we come out of the summer doldrums. Many companies in the mining sector have been eager for the markets to lift in order to raise capital and reduce dilution. Keeping a close eye on companies who are able to successfully raise capital, could provide opportunities in the Fall.

The Venture Radar provides information about TSX and TSX Venture mining companies who are opening, updating and successfully closing financings.

In August 2013, the Venture Radar posted 112 new financing deals, 39 of which have successfully raised a combined approximate value of $100 million dollars. The largest financing for the month was a $37.9 million dollar bought deal with Colossus Minerals Inc. at $0.75/unit. There are approximately 70 deals currently open in August with a combined total value of over $130 million dollars.



Top 10 Closed Financings in August 2013

Argex Titanium Inc. $5.0m Aug 23, 2013
U.S. Silver & Gold Inc. $5.8m Aug 22, 2013
Redstar Gold Corp. $2.2m Aug 21, 2013
Canadian Zinc Corp. $4.0m Aug 20, 2013
Veris Gold Corp. $8.0m Aug 16, 2013
Ascot Resources Ltd. $4.4m Aug 16, 2013
NexGen Energy Ltd. $5.0m Aug 15, 2013
Colossus Minerals Inc. $37.9m Aug 13, 2013
Gold Standard Ventures Corp. $5.0m Aug 02, 2013
Roxgold Inc. $10.3m Aug 01, 2013



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