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Venture Radar drills down mining financing




By: Rachel Levy Sarfin, www.itincanada.ca

The Mining Association of Canada, a non-profit industry group, recently announced that world interest in Canadian minerals and metals reached a record high in 2011, the last year for available investment data. The association predicts that the mining industry will experience accelerated growth in the year ahead. Investors looking to enter this market now have a new research tool from a Vancouver-based investor relations firm, VADAR.

VADAR created The Venture Radar, a web based application that aggregates and presents financing information on mining companies. When investors sign up on VADAR’s website, . Once logged in, they can view all of the mining firms listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and on the TSX Venture exchange that are open to financing as well as those that have successfully closed deals. Ryan Glasser, CEO, VADAR, explained that The Venture Radar aggregates mining companies’ financing announcements from Canadian newswire services. It pulls out relevant information for investors, such as the stock price and company directors, and presents it in an easy to read table. Users can also open business presentations in the same window, keeping the display simple and clean. Glasser added that investors can sign up for free, and while mining firms can register to post their press releases for free, they can also subscribe to a premium service that allows them to include marketing materials along with their announcements. Although The Venture Radar is a web-based application, Glasser remarked that it works well on most mobile devices.

Glasser explained that the inspiration for The Venture Radar came to him through his own professional experience in the mining industry. While working in the investor relations department of a mining company, he witnessed the mining sector’s need to raise capital after the 2008 recession. Glasser noted that financing information for Canadian mining companies has been difficult for venture capitalists to access – until now. He hopes that The Venture Radar can help to boost investment in this vital sector of Canada’s economy.  VADAR’s CEO understands that part of making financing information for Canadian mining companies more accessible means offering content in more than one language. With the aid of the Chinese investor relations firm NAI 500, The Venture Radar also is able to provide Chinese translations of the information on the site. Industry analysts believe Chinese investment in Canada’s mining industry is set to rise in the coming year, making the decision to display information in Chinese a smart one.

What comes next for TheVenture Radar? The application opened up to live beta testing in the middle of January. Thus far, Glasser said that the site is “getting good traction.” Users can submit suggestions for how to improve The Venture Radar. Glasser would also like to eventually expand the application to include financing for mining projects outside of Canada listed on the TSX and the TSX Venture, citing Australian mines as a possible next step. As The Venture Radar’s profile rises, the sky might not be the limit; the potential is more about how deep investors can mine for information.


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